3DCoat 4.9.34 Available

Pilgway has revealed a new version of 3DCoat.

The update adds support for Megascans materials, plus brings improvements to the Cloth tool and the live link to Blender. A 4.9.34 is the first one in the 4.9.x series that has been officially tagged as stable for production.

You can now use materials from Megascans Library - import downloaded Megascans materials as 3DCoat Smart Materials or as shaders. 

The update also brings an intuitive-looking new Bend tool for you to work interactively by dragging the bend point in the viewport. A Bend Volume tool (beta) lets users distribute and deform geometry along a guide curve.

The team also states that 3DCoat’s Cloth tool is “now at a new level of quality and speed”.

Other improvements: 

  • Possibility to bypass dialogs in Autopo menu.
  • Completely new Alphas creation mechanism.
  • 3DCoat imports external maps during PPP import in a much smarter way now. It recognizes gloss/roughness/metalness maps and puts them to the corresponding layers.
  • Full path to the texture shown in the Smart Material's hint.
  • If several UV sets use the same name, the user will be asked to rename, so the confusion could be avoided.
  • Tweaking vertex position with RMB updates mesh normals correctly now.
  • Correct text via F9 moved to the Help menu.

You can learn more here

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    3DCoat 4.9.34 Available