If Mechas Played Sports: Production & Presentation

Jake Woodruff and Kyle Moody did a breakdown of their mutual project National Mech League in which hard-surface design was merged with bold colors and playful tone. They talked about modeling, texturing, rigging, posing, and lighting. 


Jake Woodruff & Kyle Moody

Published on

Dec 10, 2019

Online Courses & Tutorials for Weapon Artists

If you are a beginner or an intermediate hard-surface artist who's looking for ways to level up his/her skills, check out these tutorials and courses created by professionals to teach you industry-standard workflows.


Daria Loginova

Published on

Dec 03, 2019

Modeling & Animating a Rhino Revolver

Henrique Lopes and Micah Reigstad shared the production of animated Rhino Revolver 60 DS they've recently collaborated on. Henrique created the model while Micah was responsible for rigging and animation.

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