Megascans Digest: Building Italian Mountain Scene

Check out the assets we've chosen for you from the Megascans Library that will be helpful in creating a beautiful organic environment. 

For this week's Megascans digest, we decided to take this fascinating view and pick some assets that can help you form the basics of the scene. If you are interested in working on the organic environments, we recommend reading this article by Christen Smith, where he shared the production details of his scene and talked about organic world-building.

Even though it's Italy in the photo, we think that using Icelandic rock for the mountains won't be a bad choice. We found the asset that is the closest to the original texture and color tones. 

Unfortunately, there is no assets that will help you create a huge forest in one go, but you can solve the issue by using single spruces to mimic the forest from a distance. Tweak it as you wish or add more assets that you can also find in the library, and you're good to go. 

There are plenty of assets that can fit a river house perfectly. We've picked this one to match the color, texture, and the wear-and-tear look of the original house. If you are looking for the similarity between your scene and the shot, this wall might come in handy for you. 

Since it's a mountain scene with a lake in it, how can we go without beach pebbles? Check out these, they seem to be a good option for recreating the beach.  

The frozen lake asset can be a nice replacement for the water surface. Tweak it as you wish, maybe add more glossiness, and there you go!

The original photo is taken by Samuele Errico Piccarini.

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    Megascans Digest: Building Italian Mountain Scene