Splatter Filter for Substance Alchemist

Check out a useful goodie for Substance Alchemist.

Käy Vriend has recently shared a splatter filter for Substance Alchemist. This filter lets users scale and tile materials allowing to save time. 


  • Height generation.
  • Height refinement (low pass, slope balance, high pass, smoothness).
  • AO Generation.
  • Splat amount.
  • Edge feathering (hides splat seams).
  • Edge feathering radius.
  • Random rotation.
  • Sharpen by halo maps.
  • Debug view to visualize splats.
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The developer noted that this filter works best with organic materials (ground types, dirt, etc). "It can work on just a single image run through the bitmap to material filter, or with entire scans."

You can learn more and get it for $5+ here

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    Splatter Filter for Substance Alchemist